Johnson & Johnson: Jury rules woman to be paid an additional $300 million in talc-cancer case

A Court ruling has ordered that Johnson & Johnson compensates a woman $300 million more in a case involving the company’s products.

The woman had sued the company on allegations that its talc-based products caused her rare asbestos-related cancer. She had used the products for quite some time.

The Manhattan jury ordered that J&J pays a total of $325 million to Donna Olson and her husband. The couple had previously accused Johnson & Johnson in a lawsuit that alleged that the firm’s products were responsible for Donna’s cancer.

The suit states that the woman got cancer after using J&J’s baby powder as well as its Shower to Shower product.

This ruling emerges as one of the highest affecting Johnson & Johnson talc products in over two years.

J&J is clearly dissatisfied with the jury’s verdict and Kim Montagnino, the company’s spokeswoman, has reported that they would be appealing the “unfair” ruling.

However, the spokeswoman noted through an email statement that J&J has always filed an appeal after several verdicts against them but none has been accepted.

Over 14,000 cases have been filed against J&, all related to its products. Claimants allege that its powders are carcinogenic and have contributed to victims getting cancer of the ovaries. It also allegedly causes mesothelioma, which is a rare type of cancer resulting from prolonged exposure to asbestos.

The company has however disputed the claims saying that its products do not have the said carcinogen. They have also denied that the powder causes cancer.

The court filings have established that Olson suffers from mesothelioma in her lungs.

Jerome Block the couple’s lawyer wrote a statement in an email saying that J&J has denied the allegations and said its products are safe but such information has since been denied by another jury. The jury was able to access J&J’s internal documents and from their findings, the company has been deceiving and hiding from the public information on the presence of asbestos in talc baby powder.